Killiecrankie Enterprises - Selling "Killiecrankie Diamonds" for more than 40 years

About Us

We are Alan and Margaret Wheatley.
We both grew up on Flinders Island and we have been selling Flinders Island Topaz, known locally as "Killiecrankie Diamonds" for over 40 years. 

We Sell
  • "Killiecrankie diamond" Flinders Island topaz - faceted stones and jewellery
  • Flinders Island photographs
  • Photo cards and postcards
  • Paper Nautilus shells
  • Souvenirs
  • Paintings
  • Make Recreational, commercial and miniature craypots
  • Hire Sieves and shovels to find your own "Killiecrankie Diamonds"


525 Killiecrankie Road
Flinders Island
Tasmania 7255


As we are semi-retired we would like you to phone ahead to make sure that we will be available - Landline 03 6359 8560 Mobile Margaret 0428 592130 Mobile Alan 0407 598560